The Perfect Man

According to Fayz Kashani, the Perfect Man is one who has manifested within himself one of the divine attributes and has overcome the barrier between the Absolute and the mundane. Further, the Perfect Man is the focal point of mediation and connection by which the unknowable aspects of the Absolute come down into the realm of knowable existence. The attributes of God enter into and become one with man while retaining their essence. At the same time, essential relations are established between man and himself which allow him to participate with the divine but remain distinct from it. While the Perfect man remains alive in this world, he draws upon and continually preserves the self-manifestations of the divine. Because the Perfect man exists as a unity between the material and the divine, the reflection of the divine attributes within him permit change in the material world that he is a part of. More crucial for Fayz is establishing how this connected state of being in the Perfect Man connects to the practice of the Imam. God and his attributes are eternal. By manifesting his attributes into man, God is connecting creation with the divine. Since the Perfect Man manifests the connection of creation to God, the dependency of creation upon God for its existence is also connected to the Perfect Man. In this sense, The world would cease to be without the existence of the Perfect Man. The Imam represents the Perfect Man who functions as an intermediary. Therefore, the Imam is essential for the continuation of the world.

“The Concepts of the Absolute and Perfect Man in Mulla Fayd Al-Kashani.” Liyakat Takim,


Contemplation, remembrance and understanding are all very important but what gives coherence to thought is action, and as long as we merely “believe”, not just perfection, but even simple peace remains out of reach. A modern man has many beliefs, these are ideas flying around in his head, like trees with no roots, hanging in empty space. The true power of liberal democracy in its pure form lies in its ideological neutrality, as its subject you are free to hold any “beliefs” you might like as long as you “act” in accordance with the morality, social codes and laws implemented in the land.

This is probably an adaptation to the protestant heresy of “sola fide”, a genius way to lure the masses of the faithful to the pits of hell. In such a world only deeds count, being honorable, decent and graceful will reward a man with spiritual elevation even if he is disconnected from a true revelation. So even one who is unaware of the existence of the holy Imams can find peace, since the central truths of their teachings were universal and merely revealed what was put inside all of us by God.

But to achieve any sort of change, internal or otherwise, we must apply a constant pressure upon the existing order. We pray as many times as it is possible every day because we must be constantly reminded of God, or worldly concerns and daily life make us forget the goal. We must fast to neglect the body, to be humbled, to teach ourselves how to resist temptations and to remember how weak and fragile we are.






Effeminate liberals are mad at Khamenei’s response to the terror attack

He said “these silly fireworks won’t affect our nation’s will to fight and prevail”, fake-outrage masters, always offended sensible rationalists and cultured intellectuals are mad that he diminished the death of 13 Iranians by calling this horrific crime a silly firework.

I hate Khamenei because I think he has betrayed the religion of God to appease leftists and Sunnis, but his response to this attack was nothing short of genius and manly. You see when western nations are attacked the leaders attempt to calm the distraught herd by chanting comforting lies. It’s a form emotional blowjob in which the political leader expresses his deep sorrow for the victims and their families, reminds us that if we let their deaths influence the way we protect ourselves in the slightest then the terrorists have won and that we should stand united by posting social media memes.

This response betrays a deep lack of manliness and it is the favorite reaction of liberals. Khamenei, as a man who has survived Shah’s prison, an assassination attempt that has left him scarred for life and a brutal war, knows that we are in war, and expressing horror from an attack signals to the ever watchful enemy that we’re scared, weak and vulnerable. ISIS has been trying for 3 years to stage an attack on Iranian soil, and now that they have done so Khamenei dismisses it as a silly firework show.

There is a famous story of Babak’s death, when the Caliph of Baghdad finally put an end to his insurgency and caught him, he wanted to make an example, so he ordered his solders to tear him apart limb from limb, the story goes that after they cut off his hand he raises the severed arm and paints his face red with his blood, the Caliph asks him why, and he answers “because once I lose blood, I don’t want you to think I have gone pale out of fear”. There is also another story about a Christian saint who tricked a Roman emperor who tried to boil him to death to burn his hand by laughing and saying the water is quite cold.

Saving face, never showing weakness and downplaying your enemy’s victory is what men do, “acknowledging the victims and rubbing ourselves against each other so we feel safe” is what women and womanly men do.

But Khamenei’s reaction isn’t just manly, it is also true, 13 dead Iranians? Not even 13 million dead Iranians matter when it comes to the matters that he speaks of, the survival of a nation, of a noble idea or a noble bloodline, these things are far more important than any number of individual human lives. Not just survival, but even elevation and transcendence, one can easily justify killing 2/3 of the population if it means the remaining portion will be stronger, better, tougher and have a higher spirit.

This is the only appropriate response in the face of an enemy. This is why Khamenei’s men will exterminate ISIS members in Iraq and Shaam, but outraged secularist intellectuals can’t do anything beyond posting pictures and memes, this is why he owns and controls the land, but his liberal opponents can’t even control and own their marriages.


Sunnis are forcing people to wise up

Several terrorist attacks have happened in London during the past 24 hours, the message is clear: human beings aren’t equal, and not all of us want the same things. These crazed Sunnis want Sharia as interpreted by Wahabi scholars, and since the western establishment is preventing that from happening in middle east by supporting the existing order in all Sunni majority countries (with the exception of Syria) they see no other options but to attack western society as a whole.

If these attacks continue to happen, Donald Trump will have a hard time continuing his support for Sunni Jihad on Shia’s in middle east, but more importantly, Muslims will have to be rounded up and dropped on the shores of Africa if white westerners are to ever walk the streets of their homelands safely again. This will require liberalism to concede defeat, to sacrifice one of its core tenets for the first time in three hundred years, to accept that there are some people out there incapable of blending in and becoming wonderfully modern, civilized and domesticated.

Will Sunnis succeed where everyone else has lost? We shall see, but I would never underestimate liberal democracy’s ability to include and neutralize external threats. A likely scenario would be war between Iran and Saudi occupied Arabia, in which millions of brave men in Muslim lands kill each other over high ideals such as honor, God and nation while the cowardly, beastly, womanly males remain home and wait until the braves are dead. That’s how liberalism defended itself against Nazis and Fascists, two of its greatest internal enemies. Think about it, it took fifty million dead whites for liberalism to present itself as the only viable option in Europe and north America, compared to that Sunni resistance is very mild, and will be easily devoured.


Why is knowing Ali more important than knowing Allah

God of Islam, is described, above all else, as the supreme creator of all things. To judge a craftsman one must examine the quality of his creation, and to know his skill one must look at his best work indeed. Imam Ali, peace be upon him, was among the best of creation. The doctrine of infallibility indicates that non of the holy Imams committed a sin or made a mistake, but the nature of this infallibility is open to debate; were they incapable of committing sinful acts by their nature, or they simply resisted the same temptations we experience through their infinite knowledge and divinely granted will? Is their infallibility a consequence of their nature or a mere historical accident?

Looking at Imam Ali’s life through the eyes of a man who doesn’t believe in Islam but understands eternal moral values that govern the deeds of noble men, it is impossible to come up with better reactions and solutions, he made the right choice at every turn, right according to principles of honor, justice and dignity as have been understood by all noble men of all noble races and legitimate creeds in all of history.

To know God is to see and know the best of his creation, and Ali is the best of men. One who follows his example in life is in greater harmony with what is good, just and godly than one who attempts to understand and interpret God’s word personally and directly, nowhere else will you find a better balance between heroism and humility, between political considerations and stern, unshakable principles, between mercy and ruthlessness…

To know and understand Ali’s greatness one doesn’t need to be Shia, or even Muslim, a medieval Christian knight or a Samurai would look upon his life, deeds and words and immediately recognize the greatness, the religious dogma provides context and meaning the this high character but it isn’t necessary to believe in it, unless you are being brainwashed by a parasitic moral system like that of liberal democracy or communism, in which case you are unable to recognize manly greatness even if it slapped you across the face.

Waiting for him

Today is 15th of Sha’ban, the birthday of Imam Mahdi, may God hasten his return, and it is also a Friday, according to narrations he will return to us on a Friday. I wake up every Friday hopeful and I count the days until the next one. The adherents of many religions are waiting for Mahdi, no matter by which name they call him.

Every minute that passes in waiting fills my being with endless sorrow because I feel we have the misfortune to truly know what being deprived of heaven means more than our previous generations. I have a brother who insists on waiting consciously, to remember the holy Imam in our daily life, to pray for his return daily, to do everything we do with his memory in our hearts. When you leave home for example, you should know that you are leaving a home that doesn’t matter, you are leaving a home that belongs to him, or your family, you must look at them with pity and love, and renumber in your heart that they are his servants.

I feel as if this would be torture for me, because the only time I feel normal is when I’m distracted of the wait by worldly matters. I seek refuge to God for this thought, but in a way if I were to constantly be reminded of the loss, I would begrudge the holy Imam, hoe come he has not saved us from this hell of disbelief and deceit yet?

So I await him silently and with less passion than I must, my faith is weak, and it will not survive the pain, and the most I can do is to recite this prayer every day:

“O God almighty, be, for Your representative, the Proof, son of Hassan, Your blessings be upon him and his forefathers, in this hour and in every hour, a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper, a proof, and an eye, until you make him live on the earth, in obedience to your command, and bestow upon him a long life”



Why the nuclear deal was always doomed

If one examines Iranian history in the last three centuries, one can easily conclude that trusting westerners is usually a bad idea, trusting western liberal democracies however is outright insane, if not suicidal.

Against colonial empires you might actually stand a chance by learning the principles on which the enemy operates and manipulating them to shield yourself from negative consequences.  The British for example were out to make a profit, the main driving forces behind their empire was self-interest and other forms of material gain. This gave weaker nations such as Persia a chance to make some sort of a dependable deal with them: surrender all your economic resources voluntarily in order to avoid complete subjugation. Sure it was a horrible, terrible deal for Persians but it was a deal that you could somewhat trust and count on.

In fact the Qajars managed to keep Iran officially independent, by allowing the British to colonize the country economically they managed to avoid full colonization, and Iranians were allowed to practice their religion, live their lives and conduct their day to day activities relatively free of external influences, something the Pahlavis weren’t able to achieve.

During this period the country was robbed of its material wealth but in exchange was allowed to keep its cultural integrity, social norms, religious customs and even develop, as long and as much as it didn’t interfere with the British taking their share of the profit(which was almost all of it). This was a far better deal for Iranians than what came after, which was a demand for complete, utter surrender by the Great Satan.

The definition of a “deal” is an agreement in which both sides give something up in order to get something in return, two opposing sides meet in the middle. In United States the republicans criticizing the recent nuclear deal don’t have a problem with this particular deal per se, but with making any deals(“with terrorists”, one is tempted to add), they want complete, utter surrender of everything that makes Iran what it is, with the exception of things that can be packaged, marketed and sold in the global mall they’re trying to turn our world into. One is faced with a rather simple choice, either give up the parts of your culture that give you a coherent sense of being or face our nuclear warheads.

Modern liberal democracies do not have any “principles”, they are motivated not by profit or self-interest, but by a singular form of ideology for which the whole system is prepared to self-destruct. In a way liberal democracies are the ultimate Jihadis, achieving a level of self-immolation that is inconceivable to Sunni extremists, they destroy the hosting society in order to achieve their intended goals.

Said goals and the accompanying ideology are in open, existential contradiction with every tradition that has ever existed on the face of this earth, but it is particularly at odds with Islam, because Islam, at least in its Sunni form, is in direct competition with liberalism in a way that no other religion could ever be, Sunni Islam is a multi cultural, anti racist, globalist and most interestingly progressive ideology, so while other religions are merely at odds with liberalism, Sunni Islam is engaged in a competition with it the way communism used to be, and since Islam is the last living religious tradition on this earth, the conflict becomes existential for both sides.

In such a war the reasonable person is not looking for deals and compromises,but for ways to fore the enemy to surrender.

Liberalism like all other modern ideologies that attempt to erect heaven on earth, cannot accept the possibility of valid alternative modes of existence in which some people might be better off. Such a concession would invalidate their claims to both universality and inherent superiority. So Islam must be destroyed. If you’re nice and bend over fast, like the Catholic Church, they will allow you to keep an emptied shell of the faith that has been reduced to harmless exoteric practices or esoteric artistic posturings, but no matter how “peaceful” you attempt to be, and how far away from the western world you reside, they will drone-fuck you until you say uncle, and let Chaim build that gay bar right next to the mosque.

In fact all we ever wanted was to be left alone to oppress our women, persecute our Bahai, mutilate our children, hang our fags and curse the Jews in peace! Unlike Sunni extremists who want to do all of the above to western women, children and gays as well, Shi’a extremists are quite exclusive, we are the only group of people on earth who despise white converts and treat them like shit when everywhere else they’re treated like royalty(example : )

Making deals with the liberal west is always a lose-lose scenario, if liberals win, they will betray the deal because Iran supposedly hangs homosexuals and doesn’t allow women to fully enslave their husbands, if conservatives win, they will betray the deal because Iran chants death to America and isn’t another failed middle eastern state with deluded leaders who buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons to fight imaginary enemies. None of these sides care about American interests, their nation’s future, its survival through the ages and such notions because they’re completely alien to the concept of nation as a living entity. Westerners are internally divided on every single important issue you can think of. Since they can no longer agree on anything, they can no longer decide what is in the best interest of their children, which itself translates into constant renegotiation of all deals.

Furthermore, as Khamenei has said several times in the past, west’s prime issue with Iran isn’t our nuclear program, or missile program, or human rights, or terrorist supporting or any of the many other fake ruses they’ve come up with in the past four decades. Iran is the last functional country in the world still not conquered by the representative of a certain chosen tribe.

No democracy can be expected to uphold its commitments and it is a mistake to trust them. Obama betrayed several American allies in the Arab world because of his ideological commitment to liberal democracy, Trump will betray long-term American interests by resuming the role of Israel’s attack dog, and the evil empire will continue to decline until it either implodes under the pressure of all the various types of systematical dysfunctions it enables or explodes and takes all of us with it.

Why do Jews particularly despise Iran and Shi’as?

One listening to the rhetoric that Jews and their white slaves spew on Iran and its Shi’i allies in the region wonders where all the hatred comes from. It cannot be for the reasons they themselves list because all of them are also true about Saudi occupied Arabia yet they are unofficially best allies. Not only that but Iran is a country with tens of thousands of Jews living in perfect peace while many of the Sunni countries in the region have chased away their Jewish populations long ago.

My answer to this dilemma is that they hate us because we are somewhat nice to Christians! Yes, Jews, and ex-Christian westerners despise Christianity more than any other ideology on the face of this earth. They might not express this verbally but they hate this religion even more than Nazism, they despise Christianity to such a degree that they are willing to ally themselves with anyone as long as they’re fighting against it in one form or another.

I do not have any empirical evidence for my claims but the only real constant I can find is this, why else would left leaning individuals who hate Israel support Sunni terrorists in Syria? I mean if it were about common sense, then when it comes to “the other”, one must logically ally with the near and stand against the far, Iran is a million times nearer to both Jews and westerners than Saudi occupied Arabia so there must be something to explain this oddity. So what do white atheists and Jews have in common with Sunni extremists? They all hate Christians!

This also explains why western people, and not governments but people, are against Russian intervention in Syria. Russia is there to protect its interests but this also translates in a big way into protecting Christians, who would have been wiped out in both Iraq and Syria if not for Shi’a militias.

I have no doubt that Jews hate Christians far, far more than they hate Muslims. In fact I think they would be very happy to form an alliance with Islam to wipe out Christians, they have done it in the past and they’re doing it right now. I was once told by a Jew that “we should be allies, and protect our interests against Arabs and Whites”. Israel itself treats Christians like dirt, even worse than Muslims because there are no “Christian states” pretending to care about their persecution by the rabid Jewish state, and in the west Christians are heavily persecuted, they cannot express their faith without facing severe backlash on a wide number of issues.

Now if the agenda is to wipe out Christians, Shi’as in the middle east are a huge obstacle, from the time of Ottomans wiping out Armenians they found a safe place among the Shia’s that continues to this day, even today IRGC does a better job protecting catholic priests from ISIS savages than the French government!

I never understood the Jewish hatred for Christians, and it is only directed in that manner towards Christians, since they have no apparent issues with atheistic whites, maybe it’s the historical persecution? Maybe it’s the fact that Jesus took what made Jews special and made it universal, taking away their differentiated way of experiencing life?


God knows best.